Hey gamers! Are you ready to dive into the world of DMMD and conquer all the routes? Well, let me guide you through this fantastic game in a way that even a rookie can understand.

First things first, when you open the game, you'll see a bunch of colorful squares and little treasure chests. Those squares are the start buttons, and the chests contain all kinds of goodies like CGs, music, settings, and saves.

Now, in the original DMMD, there are multiple routes to follow, and in the sequels, they continue those routes. For example, let's say you conquered the route of Red Hawk in the original DMMD. If you want to continue from there, just click on the red square in the title screen of the sequel. After clicking, two options will appear. The colored one is to continue the good ending, and the uncolored one is for the bad ending.

Once you start playing, the options you choose don't really matter. Each branch only has one option, and it determines which CGs you'll see. It doesn't make a difference whether it's good or bad. Just pick one option, then move on to the next. (It's all about collecting CGs anyway. It's like DMMDFD was made just to appreciate those juicy scenes!)

In the main story, you can pursue four characters in your first playthrough: Red Hawk, Noiz, Mink, and Clear. You can also unlock an extra character called Ren. To unlock Ren, you need to complete the good endings of the four previous characters and listen to the end song.

In this game, each of the main characters has both a good ending and a bad ending. Noiz and Ren have one good ending and two bad endings. So, in total, you have 12 different endings to explore.

But how do you get these different endings? Well, it's all about building your character's affection towards you. Here's a general overview:

For the common route options:

- Red Hawk: hesitate for a moment (+1 affection) or push her away (+0 affection)

- Hear footsteps upstairs (+1 affection)

- Dissuade Red Hawk (+1 affection)

- Distract Red Hawk's enemies (+1 affection) or go to her side (+0 affection)

- Mink: Why did you bring an umbrella? (+1 affection) or Are you a magician? (+0 affection)

- Hear a sound from the roof (+1 affection)

- Did you really hear that? (+1 affection)

- Shout Mink's name (+1 affection) or look around for Mink (+0 affection)

- Noiz: Are you a kid? (+1 affection) or fight back (+0 affection)

- Explain it clearly (+1 affection) or absolutely not (+0 affection)

- Dissuade Noiz (+1 affection)

- Stand by Noiz's side (+1 affection) or sneak a peek at Noiz (+0 affection)

- Mink: Right now, all we can do is endure (+1 affection) or can't do as he says (+0 affection)

- Endure it (+1 affection) or tell him (+0 affection)

- Hurry on our way (+1 affection)

- Listen to Mink (+1 affection) or hesitate (+0 affection)


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